Free Online Courses To Ready the Entrepreneurial Mindset, According to Student Ambassadors

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Stanford, MIT, Johns Hopkins and many others are offering free online classes to give learners independent opportunities to pursue education without the diploma, of course. Add, yes, there are many lists of free online courses, many of which are good and a bunch of which are not. But what about those wanting to get up to speed on STEM, Innovation and the Entrepreneurial Mindset. Here’s a list of courses and platforms known for honing your entrepreneurial mindset, expand your skill set and open up doors beyond the traditional classroom or workplace educational environment curated by Student Ambassadors. Help add to the list by posting your submissions in the comments section.

~ Humera Fasihuddin, Manager of Student Programming, T: @ihumera


Innovation (Leticia Britos-Cavagnaro)

DTAL (Tina Seelig)

Venture Development
How to Build a Startup (Steve Blank)
Technology Entrepreneurship (Chuck Eesley)
Technology Entrepreneurship (Chuck Eesley)

International Venture Development
Lean for Social Impact (Steve Blank, Acumen Fund)
Human-centered Design for Social Innovation ( Acumen Fund)
Storytelling for Change, ( Acumen Fund)
Acumen Leadership Essentials, (Acumen Fund)

Computer Science
6 Classes/ Tutorials Teaching you how to code in 8 weeks (David Sinsky, Founder of Yipit, Lifehacker Contributor)

Health Sciences and Biomedical Engineering
Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Open Courseware
Johns Hopkins, Coursera

General Education
MIT Open Courseware (School of Engineering, School of Science, School of Architecture and Planning, Sloan School of Management, School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, Other)

Khan Academy, K-12 Basics (Math, Science & Economics, Humanities, Test Prep, Teacher/Coach Resources)
TED Talks, Watch one video a day and in two years you’ll be ‘the most interesting man in the world’.

Online College
Mindover U: Concept-stage, two-year alternative college experience imparting innovation and design-thinking skills with team-based project work (Greg Wilson, Student Ambassador)

Tools for you to start an online course

Coursesites, A free version of Blackboard

For Faculty

Learn how to incorporate Lean Methodology into your curriculum at Lean LaunchPad (Steve Blank)]

blank talking

University of Texas – Austin: Longhornpreneurs and the 1 Semester Startup Course

Over the past month and a half, I have had the pleasure of being a part of the brand new 1 Semester Startup class.  The class is one aspect of the entrepreneurship initiative that has been driving activities and programs here at UT.  1 Semester Startup is a multidisciplinary group of students, instructors, and mentors who are coming together with the sole purpose of starting companies.  There are 3 instructors, 22 mentors, and 77 students forming 20 startups this semseter.  The ideas and technologies driving these startups run the gamut: from data mining software, a social fashion app, a car company, and my personal favorite: a novel isotope separation technology ( but I’m biased, that one is my company).  These are my fellow Longhornpreneurs.  A new species of entrepreneur bred out of the UT student community and  nurtured by the university and community as a whole.

The instructors for the course, Joshua Baer (Computer Science), Johnny Butler (Business), and Bob Metcalfe (Electrical Engineering), have curated a stellar speaker list to educate a diverse group of students working on even more diverse companies on starting a startup.  Last week we had Ash Maurya, author of Running Lean, give a presentation on Lean Startup Methodology.   We also hosted Frank Moss, former CEO of Austin’s Tivoli and former director of the MIT Media Lab.  Michael Dell will be coming to speak in November, a public event meant to generate excitement about entrepreneurship in the UT/Austin ecosystem.

Frank Moss speaking to TES and 1SS

The 1 Semester Startup class is just one of the e’ship initiatives being implemented on campus.  Tomorrow there is going to be a leadership meetup between the student e’ship organizations, the involved faculty across all disciplines, UT programs like the Dell Social Innovation Competition, and community e’ship accelerators such as the Austin Technology Incubator.  We will be discussing ways in which we can better work together to promote and support each other’s initiatives.  Collaboration is the key to success!

Innovation at Berkeley

Fung Institute Berkeley Engineering

There is a lot of interesting things going on currently at Cal, as we affectionately call it. Innovation and entrepreneurship have found a resurgence on campus. There is a new one-year engineering professional master’s degree on campus, beginning this semester at the Fung Institute. This program is designed to educate a new type of engineer, one with leadership skills and the outlook of a global citizen. What makes this program interesting is its multidisciplinary cohort and the integration of a two semester long capstone project. We have been told that students will learn new approaches to creativity that go beyond traditional engineering boundaries. We stand on anticipatory tip-toe to see the kinds of projects that emerges from the inaugural cohort.

Washington State University-The Best Way To Learn Technology Entrepreneurship?

According to the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Student Services, Dr. Robert Olsen, in an increasingly global and competitive workplace, knowing how to design a particular widget is not going to be enough for engineer graduates today. In addition to having solid technical fundamentals, the successful engineer also needs to know about good communication, teamwork, and real-world applications for their products. Where can a student at WSU obtain these skills? The Frank Fellows Program is a great opportunity for undergraduate engineers to get “Hands-on experience and instruction from experts.”

The Frank Fellows Program is designed to equip senior engineer and business undergraduates with the tools necessary to take their inventions to the marketplace. Along the way students will be provided with successful entrepreneurial mentors able to provide them resources to help them create innovative products within a multidisciplinary team. This program sponsored by the Harold Frank Engineering Entrepreneurship Institute is a twelve month program including a $2,500 scholarship. Within the twelve months, participants will we involved in three week introduction to entrepreneurship followed by one week in Silicon Valley. During the summer students will embark on twelve week paid internship in order to develop their own venture.

For more information: Contact Bob Olsen ( or Jade Patterson (

Jade Patterson, Student Ambassador at Washington State University