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If you have ever wondered what it would be like become a part of a start-up company after college you don’t have to look far. Students graduating from many different programs here at WSU are taking innovative ideas to the market and making a difference. These are two recent start-up companies who have been greatly successful.

Developing world technologies: Stemmed from the Malawi Water Pump Project at WSU. The Malawi Water Pump Project brings students together in a multidisciplinary environment to develop technology that meets the needs of users, business, manufacturers and society. A grant from NCIIA allowed Developing World Technologies (DWT) to get off the ground. DWT currently is working with Total Land Care in Malawi along with the University of Malawi Bunda College for distribution of prototypes and onsite testing, respectively. Their mission is, “To develop and facilitate the distribution of culturally relevant, life changing technologies in developing countries by supplying needed technologies to local distribution networks”.

Ecowell: Started as a senior class project at WSU. The group of students was formed through the Harold Frank Engineering Entrepreneurship Institute, designed to bring engineering and business students together to develop a technology and business plan. Ecowell is a plastic free beverage vending machine. The Ecowell machines dispense water-hot or cold, flavored, and even carbonated. Not only does Ecowell promote healthy living but helps maintain a clean environment promoting less use of plastics.

By Jade Patterson

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