University of Texas at Austin — Marketing by Bridging Gaps

This is my first experience being involved in planning events on campus. So generally, “butts in seats” is not my concern. However, with several big events in the works, it’s high time I started making it my concern. My first event isn’t until September 22, so I began by employing some of the tips provided […]

Boston University – Working with other Event Organizers

First things first, you need a team to make your event happen. In a city like Boston, students looking to break into the entrepreneurial world are very willing to lend a hand. Sometimes they have a commercially successful graduate student in mind, sometimes they are excited by your event and want to help, other times […]

Columbia University – Resources for Inventors and Innovators

So you’re a student with an idea for a start-up or invention. What do you do next?  The technology transfer office at your university will be one of your most valuable resources. At Columbia University, Tech Ventures helps launch an average of 10-12 start-up companies each year and can provide students and faculty with entrepreneurial […]

University of Tennessee Health Science Center- Sponsorship Tips to Put Your Event in Tip Top Shape!

I know that several of our NCIIA Student Ambassadors brought up the concern of how to raise sponsorships for their entrepreneurial event, whether it is an Invention 2 Venture or a TEDx. So, my first blog post will be some tips that I found helpful when I started raising money for the various organizations I […]

Technology Entrepreneurship Across the Nation!

Welcome! Congratulations to each of the thirteen new NCIIA Student Ambassadors from across the nation for the 2011 – 2012 school year.  These Student Ambassadors will serve as advocates  for NCIIA, driving the mission of the organization.  For more information on NCIIA, view the website at This blog will serve as an opportunity for […]