Boston University – Working with other Event Organizers

First things first, you need a team to make your event happen. In a city like Boston, students looking to break into the entrepreneurial world are very willing to lend a hand. Sometimes they have a commercially successful graduate student in mind, sometimes they are excited by your event and want to help, other times they will know someone else looking for help with their event.

After you speak with the graduate students to get them to show off their start up and after you rally a few students to help you out, it is vital to seek out other events that are taking place in your area. People running these events are helpful and knowledgeable. If you lend them a hand, they will return the favor. Maybe they know of a good location for your 100 person event, maybe they know where you can get discounted name tags, and in all likelihood, they will leverage their network for you. Both of you can have successful events by helping each other make them happen.

Here are my top four most important questions to ask other event coordinators:

  • Here are my skills and resources. How can I help?
  • What do our events have in common? How are they different?
  • Is your event before mine? Can I advertise at your event?
  • Who is sponsoring your event? Who might sponsor mine?
Getting these questions answered is crucial because you cannot devote all of your time towards an empty investment. As much as you may like the person you are helping, you are still a student, you may have a job, and you still have your own event to plan.
Remember – experienced event organizers have been through this before. They are the most helpful people when it comes to hosting your own event.
Joseph McMahon at Boston University
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