Faculty Innovation Fellows Program

The Faculty Innovation Fellows Program is a two-year experience designed to help faculty and staff expand the innovation and entrepreneurship movement at their schools. Faculty Innovation Fellows work both in collaboration with their student University Innovation Fellows and on their own to design ways to improve their institutions. They connect with a community of like-minded educators from around the world to advance projects, gather feedback, and share what they learn.

Why did we create this program?

At the UIF Alps Meetup in Austria in February 2020, Faculty Champions in attendance expressed a desire to be part of a community of other faculty to learn how to harness the UIF movement on campus, share best practices and cultivate projects of their own that advanced the innovation ecosystems in their communities. To meet their needs, we launched this program in Fall 2020.

What do Faculty Innovation Fellows do?

Participants work on projects asynchronously, followed by video conference share-outs, and receive coaching from UIF staff and veteran Faculty Champions. Upon successful completion of the program in Fall 2022, participants are launched as Faculty Innovation Fellows.

Projects undertaken by Faculty Innovation Fellows could include the creation of support structures that benefit a broad campus community to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset, which may including the cultivation of campus communities, physical assets, learning opportunities, and research translated in practical terms and disseminated broadly throughout the institution.

This is an offering exclusive to Faculty Champions at institutions with one or more student(s) enrolled in the Fall 2020 University Innovation Fellows Program. There is no charge for the Faculty Innovation Fellows Program beyond the prerequisite of having an enrolled student cohort of University Innovation Fellows for Fall 2020.

Learn more

Contact Humera Fasihuddin at humera@universityinnovation.org to find out how to get involved. While we’re not actively taking applications for the Fall 2020 cohort, we’d love to talk about ways to support you in your change efforts!