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This Is Water: A Commencement Address Worth Bookmarking

This is Water from Patrick Buckley on Vimeo.

“This Is Water” is a video interpretation of the famous 2005 Commencement address delivered by David Foster Wallace at Kenyon College (read the backstory about this inspiring video created by LA-based production shop, The Glossary, and the WSJ article about its viral spread). It is an epic speech that captures the choices you have in front of you.

In the words of David Foster Wallace, choose something other than the natural hardwired default setting that you are the absolute center of the universe. Be ‘well adjusted’. Pay attention to what is going on inside you. You are labored through this academic experience. You now know how to think. You can now choose how to construct meaning from experience.

Do not fall victim to day in day out. There are many problems to solve. There are many solutions right under our nose, for you to uncover and pursue with dogged and successful execution. We wish you much luck and success in following your passion, choosing a meaningful path and leaving your mark on the world.

~ Humera Fasihuddin, Manager of Student Programming, T: @ihumera

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