Teaching and Learning Studio

At the Teaching and Learning Studio workshop, we activate educators and leaders in higher ed as designers so they can navigate complex challenges and better serve students.

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New here? Welcome! Click here to learn about and apply for the in-person TLS 1.0 workshop (July 24 – 28, 2023).

TLS alum? Click here to learn about and apply for the virtual Advanced Teaching and Learning Studio (2.0) for TLS alumni (January 31 – March 16, 2023).



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Past participants

600 educators trained: deans, department chairs, provosts, program directors and university presidents

Disciplines include engineering, art, medicine, business, physics, biology, education, law and computer science

“Through your effective use of activities and technologies, I felt more a part of this community than I usually feel at face-to-face conferences. The elements of fun, surprise and gratitude were essential elements of this effect.”
– Margaret Shippey, Miami Dade College, 2020 Virtual TLS participant

“The diversity of staff, teachers, colleagues was amazing. I was in a room full of adult learners seeking to expand design thinking for themselves and others…..I came to the d.school knowing that I would learn. I didn’t know that I would become more fully committed to this life process with each day. Most important for me was being surrounded by brilliant designers both in my colleagues and teachers, allowing great conversations and fun. What a gift this was/is.”
– Kayt Havens, MD, Medical College of Wisconsin, 2019 TLS participant

“As most engineering professors, I haven’t had much training on how to teach. Moreover, I haven’t had a lot of understanding how students actually learn. I thought everyone learned just like me. I thought I should teach just like I was taught. Wrong! After TLS, I always start with the learners: who they are, what is their prior knowledge. This is a foundation on which I can build a learning experience, using pedagogical levers and other tools introduced at the workshop.”
– Ilya Avdeev, Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2016 TLS participant

Article on July 2020 Virtual TLS

Our first Virtual Teaching and Learning Studio workshop took place in July 2020 after the global pandemic forced us to redesign our in-person workshop for a virtual space. Here’s what we discovered in the process, and how other educators can benefit from what we learned. Read more here.

Article in Chronicle of Higher Education

What does it look like to learn and apply design thinking in higher education? Get an inside look in this Chronicle of Higher Education feature, published in September 2017. Reporter Lee Gardner attended our program’s faculty workshop, the Teaching and Learning Studio, and wrote about his experience. Read the article here.

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