Call for Articles: Change Forward Journal

Would you like to have your voice included in a print journal distributed to the UIF community and university presidents? 

We’re seeking articles for the third edition of Change Forward, an annual publication that features work by Fellows and Faculty Champions. All voices are welcome: whether you’re still in school or you’ve graduated, whether you’re a student or an educator, whether you’re a writer or think you’re “not” a writer* — we want to hear from you!

The journal will be distributed to the future 2023 Fellows, stakeholders, and leaders of UIF schools (it should be ready to ship in September). Contributors will receive a print copy and a link to the digital edition to share. Check out the latest edition for inspiration!

Who can contribute articles?

  • Fellows from ANY UIF cohort 
  • Faculty Innovation Fellows and candidates
  • Faculty Champions who have active Fellows
  • Additionally, Fellows who trained in 2022 and Faculty Innovation Fellows are being invited to submit short project summaries to the journal via their impact updates. 

Article specifications


In the past, we’ve published articles about a UIF project or activity (example) and perspectives on an issue or idea (example). We are excited to review whatever you’re inspired to write about!  

We’re particularly interested in articles that focus on the following topics:

  • Design mindsets in the “real world” — How are you using your UIF skills in your career and/or in your life? What challenges/opportunities are you tackling?
  • UIF projects in higher education — What are you working on? What have you done/learned? What are your aspirations? 

For the above topics (and any others), we love to see:

  • Articles that act as resources for our community — sharing advice, concrete tips, project details, learnings, etc. 
  • Articles that inspire readers — sharing a personal story or journey. If you were to give only one TED talk or ignite ever, what would you want to say?


Please keep articles to one of three word counts. Note that this might change for you depending on the editorial review (we might say “please write another paragraph, this is awesome!”).

  • 450 words (1 page in the journal)
  • 800 words (2 pages in the journal)
  • 1200 words (3 pages in the journal)


We like to include a visual for each article. Think about what yours could be! 

  • Image types could include photos, illustrations and graphics
  • Images should be submitted as high resolution (300 dpi jpegs), with a recommended file size of at least 2000 pixels (either in width or height)
  • If you’re submitting art created by someone else, you need to obtain their permission

Timeline and deadlines

  • Fill out the form below by March 3, 2023, to let us know that you’d like to contribute something 
  • Articles are due to Laurie Moore ( on April 3, 2023

Class Notes

This year, we’re publishing “class notes” style updates as part of the journal. What are you up to? Do you have a new job? Are you working on a cool project? Did you adopt a pet iguana? We want to hear from you! Please share your update here.

Editorial Board

This year, we have an editorial board of Fellows and Faculty Champions who will work with you on your articles! We’re thrilled to work with these amazing people:

  • Atul Teckchandani, Faculty Champion, California State University, Fullerton
  • Malte Krohn, Faculty Champion and Faculty Innovation Fellow, Hamburg University of Technology
  • Esther Funez, Fellow, Menlo College
  • Sabrina Stangler, Fellow, Milwaukee School of Engineering
  • Kokoro Kuroiwa, Fellow, Sophia University 
  • Magdalena Ionescu, Faculty Champion and Faculty Innovation Fellow, Sophia University 
  • Hailey Bixler, Fellow, University of Nebraska-Omaha
  • Grant Jacoby, Fellow, University of Pittsburgh
  • Vikranth Reddimasu, Fellow, Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology 
  • Challa Hemanth, Fellow, Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology
  • Alyssa Norris, Fellow, Washington State University
  • Sierra Bonn, Fellow, Wichita State University

* Don’t think you’re a “writer”? Everyone is a writer! And, we can help you hone your piece. Want to chat about your ideas? Email Laurie at