Why Student Ambassadors?

Today, we are starting our new online training for 8 student ambassador candidates. This departs from our typical format of bringing 20 or so students to NCIIA headquarters in Hadley, MA to indoctrinate them in the lessons that make a great student ambassador. The online training consists of six one-hour sessions with experiential learning during the week. Student Ambassadors hit the ground running while drawing on the power of an unrivaled national network of student leaders.

You’ll learn more about the 8 candidates in the coming days, but here’s the list:
Tyler Salem, University of Central Florida
Wilson Kurian, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Karuna Relwani, University of Pittsburgh
Elliot Roth, Virginia Commonwealth University
Jared Karp, University of California Berkeley
Blake Marggraff, University of Washington St. Louis
Kevin Mobolade, Mercer University
Alexandra Halbeck, Tufts University

To learn more, watch the Prezi: “Student Ambassadors of Innovation: The Making of a Movement”
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Students interested in participating in a Spring online training (dates TBD) to serve as a Student Ambassador for the 2013-2014 academic year, click here. Faculty interested in sponsoring a student for the Spring online training, click here.

Secret Agents of Change WANTED!

Apply today

Secret Agents of Change WANTED! Become a Student Ambassador.

NCIIA and Stanford University, as partners in the Epicenter, are pleased to announce a new online training program for the Student Ambassador program. We are accepting a maximum of 12 students. Students should expect to put in between 1-5 hours a week during training. If you are already involved in entrepreneurship and innovation activities on campus, being a student ambassador will add value and national relevance to your existing activities, and the training will provide you with valuable tools and a support network

STUDENTS: Express your interest here.
DEANS and FACULTY: Sponsor a Student Ambassador here.

Former Student Ambassadors have described their experience as life changing. Be a part of the movement. Apply today.

Questions or comments? Contact us anytime: 413-587-2172 or email info@invention2venture.org

2011 Student Ambassador Featured in New York Times (Print Edition)

“The Theil Fellows, Forgoing College to Pursue Dreams,” reads the front page of the  of the New York Times. Reporter Caitlin Kelly writes on September 15, 2012 about Eden Full’s pursuit to commercialize her low cost solar device while on paid leave from Princeton. Eden first trial of her high school invention was in Kenya between her Freshman and Sophomore year at Princeton. It was after that summer that Eden applied to become one of the first ever NCIIA Student Ambassadors, with a personal mission to infuse more social entrepreneurship at Princeton. Eden successfully attracted Nicholas Negreponte, founder of One Laptop Per Child and former head of MIT’s Deshpande Center, as the keynote for the first-ever TEDxPrincetonUniversity event.  With a team of over a dozen volunteer organizers, Eden had a standing-room-only crowd of 250 with the President of Princeton kicking off the event which featured a dozen student and faculty social ventures. At 18, Eden was one of the youngest student ambassadors but undoubtedly one of the most successful.

To read more about Eden’s personal story of deferring college to advance her social venture, visit: Eden Full in NYT, September 2012.

2013 Student Ambassadors

2013 Student Ambassadors

Day 2 at Training at Morse Hill

Intelligent. Creative. Ambitious.  These are words that come to mind as I reflect on the 19 Dean and Faculty-appointed students who will complete the intense 4-day training today and become an official 2013 Student Ambassador. They arrived as one and they leave united and committed to SPARK innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly within engineering and science ecosystems on campus.  Stay tuned for their stories, here.


2013 Student Ambassadors    
First Last Institution
Christina Oelsner Wake Forest University
Lucas Arzola UC Davis
Andrew Pennington Eastern Kentucky U
Jeremy Klaben U Michigan
Amanda Ruppert Bucknell University
John Oliver Penn State U
Sean Maroni NC State University
Kinshuk Mitra Ohio State University
Deniz Pamukcu Lehigh University
Nishant Ganesh Kumar Johns Hopkins University
Zineb Laraki Stanford University
Ala’a Siam MIT
Isaac Sanchez UT Austin
Jack Goodwin UCSD
Scharang Phadke Cooper Union
Fletcher Richman University of Colorado
Michelle Zwernemann Johns Hopkins
Michel Rivas Florida International
Tayler Swanson Rochester Institute of Technology