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Community Colleges and four-year institutions have the ability to be positive forces for change by creating social ties between student innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) communities in a specific region. When we encourage these communities to be more closely tied, there is a stronger pull to map out transfer plans and strengthen the resources within the surrounding community that are vital to student success.

The University Innovation Fellows program is introducing a new community college rate that allows a two-year institution to sponsor up to two students from their school. The new rate allows community college leaders to enhance the community college ecosystem by engaging students in leading an innovation movement and creating pathways between the two-year and four-year institution’s I&E ecosystems.

This announcement is following a two-year pilot with Texas Tech (Lubbock, TX) and their community college partner, South Plains College. Learn more about the positive enhancements to the South Plains College innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem on and about the student lead, Fellow Tad Davis.

Application Details for Community Colleges

Institution sponsorship of up to two students will require:

1. $2,000 program fee paid through the sponsor application;
2. a letter of support from the Community College President; and
3. a letter from the innovation and entrepreneurship collaborators at the partnering 4-year institution.

Each student applying will need to submit the following:

1. A student application, submitted individually;
2. A letter of support per student from the sponsor or other mentor on campus.

Get started by visiting our application page. For questions, visit our FAQ page or contact Katie Dzugan, If you know a community college that would benefit from the University Innovation Fellows movement, tell us about them.

Note: As we encourage multiple students to apply as leadership circles, students do apply separately and must arrange for a letter of support from a faculty member, staff, previous employer or anyone who can attest to their leadership qualities.
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