Huffington Post Article on Cooper Union’s Invention to Venture (I2V)

I2V Mention

Cooper Union I2V Covered in Huffington Post

Congratulations to Cooper Union Student Ambassador Sharang Phadke who held his first Invention to Venture (I2V) and received a terrific mention in a Huffington Post blog piece, In the End, We Are All Entrepreneurs, by John Pavley. I2V is a day-long event is a crash course for University-based scientists and engineers interested in seeing their innovations commercialized or pursuing an entrepreneurial venture.

Pavley, who also spoke at the event, reaffirming what we know about Cooper Union’s commitment to Entrepreneurship and Innovation. In describing the energy at Cooper, the CTO of Huffington Post says “The engineering students, educators, and alumni I met this Saturday proved to me that the I2V idea is working. Even at 8 a.m. the students were wide awake and asking tough questions. In fact, it was the students who setup and ran the event. The Cooper Union professors spoke to me about how focused they were on creating an environment for innovation and making sure their students graduated with the business acumen needed for starting and running their own businesses. The alumni told great stories about how they tried and failed again and again until they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams at solving real world problems — while building businesses.”

With students as committed to this vision as Sharang Phadke and his team, Cooper Union has a promising future in producing the nation’s brightest problem solvers. For the entire blog post, click here.

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