Innovating for Innovation at Harvard

There has a been a boom of new student activity and faculty programs to promote innovation across the board.  This fall has already seen the opening of a brand new Harvard Innovation Laboratory across the river at the business school, and the start of a new student group called the Harvard Healthcare Innovation Club.  Both initiatives aim to push innovation at harvard to become a new priority.  The I-lab is a brand new space for incubating new ventures by providing beautiful collaboration rooms, phones, internet, and other services to help get student groups off the ground.  It will also hold classes and seminars on topics such as budgeting, and writing a business plan as a means of helping get much needed knowledge to students from all over campus.  The HHIC is a student run organization that has participation and representation from the Medical, Business, and Engineering schools that is working to create networking possibilities between the different populations and provide information on events and resources available to its members.  Spoiled with resources, schools, and hospitals, Harvard hopes to become a competitor in the innovation world in the next ten years through these initiatives and others like it.

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