Check out the photos, videos, worksheets and other materials from the University Innovation Fellows Eastern Hemisphere Meetup in May 2018. 


Detailed Meetup agenda


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Eastern Hemisphere Meetup 2018

Event video


Design Constraint Yields New Global Event

1 – Reimagining Learning

At CoWrks, we explored different ways of learning, engaging our whole selves, and shaping our environment to foster creative behaviors.

2 – Unconference

When you bring together a group of talented and passionate people (that’s you, Fellows!), an Unconference is a great way to allow conversations to grow organically based on the interests of those in the room.

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  • Instructions on how to run an Unconference (coming soon!)

3 – Design Challenge

At Google India, Fellows worked with Googlers and applied design thinking to tackle a diversity of opportunities.

4 – Crash Course

On Day 2, back at CoWrks, you coached a team of participants through brainstorming and prototyping.

4 – Unleashing the power of the UIF movement

Whether you are designing a workshop, a meeting, or a space, keep in mind the needs and motivations of the stakeholders, and intentionally design the flow of activities and the environment. Use the resources here as a guide.