2019 Silicon Valley Meetup Resources

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Event blog post: universityinnovationfellows.org/creating-change-together
Reflection by Fellow Kerry McCullagh from James Madison University: www.linkedin.com/pulse/5-ways-we-think-differently-after-attending-fellows-valley-mccullagh

Note: If you write your own reflection and share it with the community via the closed Facebook group, we may add it here.


Meetup agenda

1- Building a Culture of Innovation

At Google, we were hosted by Chief Innovation Evangelist Frederik Pferdt. We explored the common strategies that UIF and Google use to build a culture of innovation, and dived into moonshot thinking and prototyping to bring bold ideas to life. We also looked at what makes effective teams.

2- Reimagining Learning

Through a circuit of activities, we explored different ways of learning, engaging our whole selves, and shaping our environment to foster creative behaviors.

3- Unconference

When you bring together a group of talented and passionate people (that’s you, Fellows!), an UNconference is a great way to allow conversations and collaborations to grow organically based on the interests of those in the room.

4- Unleashing the power of the UIF movement

Whether you are designing a workshop, a meeting, or a space, keep in mind the needs and motivations of the stakeholders involved. How do you want them to feel? What should they do as a result of participating in your event? Now intentionally design the flow of activities and the environment to promote the desired feelings and behaviors. Use the resources here as a guide.

Benjamin Franklin said: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” A great way to get others on board is to engage them in an activity. We designed a 2-hour activity called “The Innovator’s Toolkit: Design Thinking” that you can use to engage others in practicing the behaviors and mindsets of innovators. This activity can be done in teams or individually, and with small or large groups.

5- Hot off the press!

The brand new book about our program — Designing For Change: Using social learning to understand organizational transformation, by renowned social scientists Bev and Etienne Wenger-Trayner — is on Amazon. Check it out and share far and wide: http://bit.ly/uif-book

6- Ignites and presentation videos