Spring 2016: Calling all campuses to join #uifresh: A National Initiative to Expand Freshman Engagement in STEM Disciplines


We are expanding! Commit by April 10th, 2016 to be part of the newest round of campuses to join the #uifresh initiative. Visit #uifresh commitment form to indicate your interest and access the commitment letter.

The #uifresh (University Innovation Freshmen) initiative was launched by Epicenter’s University Innovation Fellows in March 2015 as part of a White House collection of initiatives during the 5th Annual White House Science Fair. Leaders and Fellows from 10 schools committed to exposing incoming students at their schools to entrepreneurship, design thinking, creativity and innovation as part of freshmen orientation.A report published by the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (below) indicates that 60% of U.S. freshmen (in aggregate) who arrive to college intending to major in STEM change majors to non-STEM disciplines. The report also cites the importance of a student experience that is both intellectually and personally engaging and fosters “identification with a STEM field.” This can be established by connecting freshmen with a community of STEM professionals, and fostering meaningful relationships with both peers and instructors — i.e. YOU. Visit #uifresh commitment form to get started.

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