Washington State University-The Best Way To Learn Technology Entrepreneurship?

According to the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Student Services, Dr. Robert Olsen, in an increasingly global and competitive workplace, knowing how to design a particular widget is not going to be enough for engineer graduates today. In addition to having solid technical fundamentals, the successful engineer also needs to know about good communication, teamwork, and real-world applications for their products. Where can a student at WSU obtain these skills? The Frank Fellows Program is a great opportunity for undergraduate engineers to get “Hands-on experience and instruction from experts.”

The Frank Fellows Program is designed to equip senior engineer and business undergraduates with the tools necessary to take their inventions to the marketplace. Along the way students will be provided with successful entrepreneurial mentors able to provide them resources to help them create innovative products within a multidisciplinary team. This program sponsored by the Harold Frank Engineering Entrepreneurship Institute is a twelve month program including a $2,500 scholarship. Within the twelve months, participants will we involved in three week introduction to entrepreneurship followed by one week in Silicon Valley. During the summer students will embark on twelve week paid internship in order to develop their own venture.

For more information: Contact Bob Olsen (bolsen@wsu.edu) or Jade Patterson (jade.pattersonsa@gmail.com)

Jade Patterson, Student Ambassador at Washington State University

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