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University of Tennessee Health Science Center- Innovation Awards Spotlight Discoveries with Potential to Transform Lives

On January 20, 2012, more than 20 researchers at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) were recognized for their work in both developing and commercializing discoveries that have the potential to transform the lives of people in Tennessee and throughout the world. At the annual Innovation Awards ceremony, hosted by the University of […]

UCLA – High Technology Market Segmentation with Prof. Bob Foster

The Technical Entrepreneurial Community (TEC) and the Engineering Graduate Student Association (EGSA) present an entrepreneurship seminar on market segmentation featuring Prof. Bob Foster, a distinguished professor in the UCLA Anderson School of Management. Prof. Foster will discuss how to define and segment target markets, gauging the competition, and winning strategies that maximize resources. This seminar […]

University of Tennessee Health Science Center – Invention to Venture Tennessee 2011!

Just imagine a room filled with entrepreneurs: tall ones, short ones, rich ones, poor ones, experts, and novices… the list goes on and on. These entrepreneurs travelled from all over—Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Texas, and Arkansas. All of these entrepreneurs united for Invention to Venture: Tennessee 2011! Sessions were lively with questions and discussion! Topics […]

UTexas – Talking Startups with Michael Dell

It has been an exciting month at the University of Texas.  Just in time for National Entrepreneurship Week,  I hosted Michael Dell at an interactive event discussing his experiences beginning a startup in college and becoming the youngest CEO of a fortune 500 company.  It was a full house!  477 excited students, faculty, and community […]

Innovation in Southern Cal: MD Students + Engineering PhD’s

Here at USC, innovation is certainly a high priority.  USC’s breakthrough HTE (Health, Technology, and Engineering) program combines Keck School of Medicine (USC’s medical school) with Viterbi School of Engineering PhD students for a four year program that will churn out biomedical device innovators by the dozens.  As non-intuitive as it sounds, it’s quite rare […]

Harvard, New Ideas for Elderly Problems

On Monday November 28th, the Harvard Healthcare Innovation Group, a NCIIA supported organization, held its first event at the Harvard Innovation Laboratory.  The group, currently in the form of a 160 person mailing list, materialized its support into an event with the purpose to promote the creation of a medical venture community.  This first event’s […]

Hindsight: Successes and Mistakes

Everyone who attended TEDxBU “Students Startup America” said is was great – informative and inspirational. However, as an organizer I could tell you everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. The 150 attendees witnessed a sliver of the chaos, but luckily our strong lineup of speakers saved the day. Looking back, I now understand […]

Innovating The Developing World-WSU

Innovating The Developing World-WSU The students of Washington State University proudly present Innovating The Developing World. This event was made possible by Engineers Without Boarders (EWB) and National Collegiate Inventors Innovators Alliance (NCIIA). After realizing NCIIA funds innovative, socially impactful student projects and EWB needs funding for these kinds of projects the two organizations thought […]

Innovation at UCLA: Mobile Lab on a Chip

Using standard CCD photo camera light sensors, without utilizing any lens optics, scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles are able to distinguish between normal and infected cells in blood samples. The technique, developed, and now improved, by Dr. Aydogan Ozcan and colleagues from the California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA, is called Lensless Ultra-wide-field Cell […]

University of Tennessee Health Science Center – Vaccine on Path for Commercialization

An international collaboration between Vaxent, a Memphis-based early stage vaccine development company in the Memphis Bioworks Foundation Incubator, and The Pan-Provincial Vaccine Enterprise Inc. (PREVENT), a Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR) in Saskatchewan, has put a vaccine for group A streptococcus (Strep-A) back on the path for potential commercialization.  Under the terms […]

Columbia University – TEDxColumbiaEngineering

TEDxColumbiaEngineering focused on the theme of “Innovating Social Change” will be held on November 29th, 2011. It will be a day devoted to spreading great ideas and inspiring innovation at Columbia University. We are planning for a crowd of more than 1,500 attendees for the three sessions. Although registration is not open yet, we are […]

BU eClub is raising up a storm

The Boston University eClub really has its act together. I met with president Max Veggeburg to discuss TEDxBU “Students Startup America” and he was all for it. He and other eClub board members have organized the Boston Startup Weekend, to be hosted at BU! For a small fee, students spend the weekend meeting influential entrepreneurs […]

Wake Forest University Surgeon Prints Human Kidney

An unmet need exists in the insufficiency of available organs transplants. In response, an entrepreneurial, medical mastermind is revolutionizing the face of transplant science.  Dr. Anthony Atala and his research team at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine focus on the growth and regeneration of over 30 tissues and organs. They engineered the first […]

Innovating for Innovation at Harvard

There has a been a boom of new student activity and faculty programs to promote innovation across the board.  This fall has already seen the opening of a brand new Harvard Innovation Laboratory across the river at the business school, and the start of a new student group called the Harvard Healthcare Innovation Club.  Both […]

University of Tennessee Health Science Center- Making Memphis a Hotbed for Entrepreneurial Success

When you think about entrepreneurship, technology, start-up companies, and venture capital, there are several areas in the United States that come to mind: West coast cities such as San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, San Diego; east coast cities such as Boston, New York, Washington DC. Rarely, and certainly only within the past few years, […]

Columbia University – Biomedical engineering faculty contribute to global health

Based on developments in lab-on-a-chip technology, a cost-efficient handheld device is now capable of performing complex medical tests for illnesses, sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, or even cancer within minutes. Researchers at Columbia University have been able to provide the global health community with essentially a miniaturized science lab that simplifies and speeds up […]

Design for the other 90% at USC?

Written by Jared Goodner, NCIIA student ambassador to Univ. of Southern California I’ve been networking like a madman since I got back from a very worthwhile week over at NCIIA HQ.  Mostly because now I’ve got a great “in.”  I know plenty of guys who would scoff at chatting up a pretty brunette because they […]

Innovation at Berkeley

There is a lot of interesting things going on currently at Cal, as we affectionately call it. Innovation and entrepreneurship have found a resurgence on campus. There is a new one-year engineering professional master’s degree on campus, beginning this semester at the Fung Institute. This program is designed to educate a new type of engineer, […]

Oregon State University – The Weatherford Garage

At Oregon State University, students are exposed to entrepreneurial education as freshman which makes the program unique compared with other programs across the country.  The thought at OSU is to lay a foundation of entrepreneurship for students at an early stage so students have an entrepreneurial mindset throughout their college careers. To promote the idea […]

Wake Forest University- Jumpstart Innovation

So where does one start?… For those who are entrepreneurially minded, itching to create a venture but sans ideas or previous experience in start-ups, the whole entrepreneurial process may seem extremely daunting. There are several basics that every aspiring entrepreneur should learn about, including how to: generate innovative ideas, analyze and target specific markets and industries, synthesize business models, create sustainable […]

Anderson student’s start-up company competes for investors in Fast Pitch Competition

For the sixth year, UCLA hosted the Fast Pitch Competition apart of National Entrepreneurship Week, which is organized by the Los Angeles investment group called the Tech Coast Angels. Since founded in 1999, TCA has invested $100 million and received over $1 billion in returns from these investments, said Robert Jadon, co-chair of Fast Pitch. […]

Washington State University-The Best Way To Learn Technology Entrepreneurship?

According to the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Student Services, Dr. Robert Olsen, in an increasingly global and competitive workplace, knowing how to design a particular widget is not going to be enough for engineer graduates today. In addition to having solid technical fundamentals, the successful engineer also needs to know about good communication, […]