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Collegiate Entrepreneurship – Learning through sharing and collaboration

    by Brandon Nolte University Innovation Fellow at SIU Carbondale Originally posted on his Linkedin   I’ve been wanting to write this article since I presented at the University Economic Development Associations Annual Summit with 4 other University Innovation Fellows.  This trip was one of the most eye-opening experiences since I decided to join the Fellows […]


Influencing Students to Become Advocates on Campus

Why we held a paid changemaking workshop to empower student leaders by Ryan Chapman, Joey Gruber, Marissa Morales and Lavanya UppalaUniversity Innovation Fellows, University of Nebraska at Omaha This article was published in Change Forward, an annual publication from our program that features work by Fellows and their Faculty Champions. While students learn the skills […]


A Faculty-Led Movement Inspired by Students

How a small community of UIF mentors are disrupting higher education by Ilya Avdeev, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeMary Raber, Chair of the Department of Engineering Fundamentals, Michigan Technological UniversityMiriam Iliohan, Co-founder and Manager of DesignLab, University of TwenteNick Swayne, Founding Director of JMU X-Labs, James Madison UniversityFaculty Innovation Fellows program community […]


Keeping People at the Center in Virtual Teaching and Learning

How can a highly experiential workshop be redesigned for a digital environment? How can a culture of empathy and experimentation be created in a community that’s distributed around the world? And how can we be effective teachers when we can’t be in the same room as our learners? Our team grappled with these and many other […]


Faculty Innovation Fellows Program

Faculty Innovation Fellows Program The Faculty Innovation Fellows Program is a two-year experience designed to help faculty and staff expand the innovation and entrepreneurship movement at their schools. Faculty Innovation Fellows work both in collaboration with their student University Innovation Fellows and on their own to design ways to improve their institutions. They connect with […]


Design as a Response to Crises

by Sedinam WorlanyoOriginally posted on Medium Fight or flight. This theory first described by Walter Bradford Cannon sheds light on a physiological reaction that occurs “in response to a perceived harmful event, attack, or threat to survival.” Your body chooses to flee in a crisis or to stay and fight. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, […]


Case Study: The Journey of the UIF Program at Madanapalle Institute of Technology and Science

Fellow Shivanika Shah interviewed Fellows and faculty at Madanapalle Institute of Technology and Science to better understand the impact of the University Innovation Fellows program at their school. By Shivanika Shah, Fellow, JSS Academy of Technical Education, Noida The journey of the University Innovation Fellows in Andhra Pradesh, India was ignited by 6 inspiring students […]


Redesigning Engineering

Fellows collaborate with faculty and administrators to redesign and create courses at their schools. This story is an excerpt from Designing for Change. Kathryn Christopher found herself in a unique position at Grand Valley State University. She had completed a bachelor’s degree in product design and manufacturing engineering and was one year into her master’s degree […]


Opening Minds

Quite a few Fellows have found or created positions to do their innovation work in their university. This story is an excerpt from Designing for Change. When La Salle Fellow Onesimus Morrison was a sophomore, he attended a seminar on innovation and entrepreneurship taught by Professor Steve Melick, director of the La Salle Center for Entrepreneurship.  […]


In SINC with Students

A number of Fellows start student clubs and organizations as a vehicle to transform learning at their schools. This story is an excerpt from Designing for Change. In 2016, Vanessa Ganaden, a business major from Cal State Fullerton, discovered an interesting club at her school that connected engineering and business students. At the time, she […]


You Don’t Need to Wait to Make a Difference 

University Innovation Fellows organized LOOP, the first-ever Latin American Innovation Week and the UIF Latin American Meetup in 2018. by Leticia Britos Cavagnaro There is learning about the world, and then there is immersing yourself in the world, and learning as you figure out how you can make an impact. Often times we think that […]


Igniting Changemakers at Ashoka U Exchange 2019

Transforming higher education into a tool for social innovation was the theme of the Ashoka U Exchange conference. Five Fellows and UIF program co-directors Leticia Britos Cavagnaro and Humera Fasihuddin, held activities and attended sessions at the February 2019 event in San Diego, CA. Below are the Fellows’ reflections on the experience: All of us […]


Resources from the 2019 Eastern Hemisphere Meetup

2019 Eastern Hemisphere Meetup Resources Check out the photos, videos, worksheets, and more from the Meetup! Photos View the Flickr album Blog post Forging Connections Across Culture Agenda Meetup agenda 1- Building a Culture of Innovation We spent the first full day of the Meetup at Youth Hub in Dubai. We explored strategies to build […]


Forging Connections Across Cultures

75 members of the UIF community + an expanding innovation destination + beautiful sand and sun for miles = Eastern Hemisphere Meetup in the United Arab Emirates. Check out the materials and other resources from the event. Picture it: a place where you can go sand dune surfing, design a new innovation strategy for your […]


Resources from the 2019 Silicon Valley Meetup

2019 Silicon Valley Meetup Resources Check out the photos, videos, worksheets, playlists and more from the Meetup! Photos View the Flickr album Spotify Playlists Here are the playlists with all of your favorite tunes! These were selected by you and your fellow Fellows in the Meetup survey we sent you prior to the event. Dance […]


Twente’s European Regional Meetup

By Ghanashyam S University of Twente, one of the first institution from Europe to become part of the uifamily, hosted the first ever European Regional Meetup from August 16-20, 2018. 28 people attended, including Fellows and faculty champions from the U.S. and India as well as UIF team members. Twente is hosting their second European […]


Resources from the Fall 2017 Silicon Valley Meetup

Check out the photos, worksheets and other materials from the University Innovation Fellows Silicon Valley Meetup in November 2017.  Photos View on Flickr: UIF Silicon Valley Meetup, November 2017 View on Flickr: Photo Booth: UIF Silicon Valley Meetup, November 2017 Videos Spotify Playlists Here are the playlists with all of your favorite tunes! Chill playlist Dance […]


Creating an Innovation Revolution in India

Changemakers from schools across India came together in Bangalore to reimagine public higher education. When our program partnered with Google’s India developer training initiative, we knew that this collaboration would mean multiple trips abroad to understand the higher education system there. We never could have imagined that this would lead to our team standing in […]


Understanding Student Perspectives

The pilot of the Shadow a Student Higher Ed Challenge will take place April 20-27, 2017. In the University Innovation Fellows program, empathy is a big part of our daily practice. One of our core values is the emphasis on learning and understanding the experiences, challenges and joys of others so we can solve our world’s […]


Shadow a Student Higher Ed Challenge

Shadow a Student Higher Ed Challenge What’s it like to be a student at your college or university? Let’s find out together! The University Innovation Fellows program is excited to announce a higher education pilot of the Shadow a Student Challenge in collaboration with School Retool, another program. The original Challenge, run by School […]


Discovery and Design at Georgia Tech

University Innovation Fellows collaborated with local students and entrepreneurs at the Georgia Tech Regional Meetup in November 2016. If you wanted to discover a new opportunity, learn how to build and test it, and figure out how to bring it to market — all in the space of two days — the University Innovation Fellows […]


University Innovation Fellows Program Partners with Google on India Initiative

By the UIF program team (Leticia, Humera, Katie and Laurie) We are thrilled to share that the University Innovation Fellows program is partnering with Google on a new international initiative. Google India has committed to training 2 million mobile developers in India to meet the increasing pace of global technological innovation. At the Google University […]


Start with Empathy

By the UIF program team (Leticia, Humera, Katie and Laurie) The University Innovation Fellows program reflects the voices of students and faculty around the U.S. and the world. We felt it was important to reinforce this program’s core values in light of the Trump administration’s executive order on January 27 that impacts the immigration system of […]


2017 Annual Meeting of the Association of American Colleges & Universities

University Innovation Fellows Events at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Association of American Colleges & Universities On January 26, 2017, the University Innovation Fellows (UIF) program hosted two events as part of the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U). The four members of the UIF program team were joined by eleven […]



On June 22, 2016, the University Innovation Fellows program and Google’s Creative Skills for Innovation Labs hosted a partner event of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. This high-energy workshop was held at the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design ( and helped participants practice skills and mindsets fueling Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurs and discover key elements to build a […]